Putting the community back into YouTube

Mission statment

We have grown tired of seeing countless new YouTubers join the platform to give up, not grow, fade away and more importantly, go at it alone. Some join networks in a hope to gain support, guidance, friends and more but end up receiving none of those things in most cases, meanwhile the big channels get all the support, promotion and attention that they DON’T need. 

We are going to change this, not only will we offer our services to YouTubers regardless of the network they are in but we also do it for free. We want to build a community, a place for new or experienced YouTubers to come and gain knowledge, friends, support and more. A place where subscriber count doesn’t make you better then someone else. 

Making a community possible


  • Collaboration Room
  • Support Room
  • Feedback Room
  • General Room

The Discord server will be the heart of Tubeist.TV, here you will be able to find people to collaborate with, people to give you feedback on your latest creation and even friends to just hang around with. 

This isn't a path you need to travel alone

In-depth Guidance

Get search engine optimisation (SEO), branding, content strategy guidance and more from our team. Members of our staff are YouTube Certified, have years of YouTube experience and have successfully aided in the growth of hundreds of channels, including their own. 

No contracts, lock-ins or worries

Everyone is Welcome

We can’t possibly change YouTube without being different, regardless of what network you are with, if you are even with a network, none of that matters. You are welcome to make use of what we have to offer with no contracts, no agreements and no lock-ins. You can join or leave our community whenever you want. We want to fill in the gap of what your network should be doing.

This is just the beginning

More to Come

As our community grows, so will the things that we can offer. We want to provide music libraries, YouTube tools, Social Media tools, equipment, sponsorship opportunities and more. Change is needed, most networks promise the world but offer nothing of value. The big YouTubers are the only ones who get opportunities and attention, while the new YouTubers are left to fight for growth. We will put the community back into YouTube.

Channels Helped
Subscribers Gained
Videos Created
Who are we?

Meet the team

Dale “Syiler” Taylor

Owner and YouTube Specialist

Dale lives and breaths YouTube, he has been on the platform for over 6 years and has aided in the growth of not only his own successful channel but hundreds of others. He has also worked for TGN, Freedom! and the ESL Video Network over the years. He is YouTube Certified in Audience Growth and wants nothing more than to see YouTubers with passion succeed.

George “Metro” Sworen

Owner and YouTube Specialist

Metro eats, drinks, and sleeps Youtube, having been on the platform for over 5 years and having worked on a number of his own projects and also helping with hundreds of others. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with a Minor in Chemistry, and went on to earn his Master’s Degree in Biotechnology with a focus on Business Management. He is incredibly passionate about helping others and wants nothing more than to see Youtubers cultivate their talent and live up to their potential.

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